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Hi everyone , welcome. My name is Chris Joyce .
I’ve been playing drums for a long time, working with many groups and artists in a variety of musical genres.

These experiences include:
The Mothmen, Pink Military, Judy Nylon, The Mighty Wah!, Suns of Arqa, Simply Red, The Soultrain, Western Valley Hot Club.- to name but a few.

If you are not familiar with all these acts the genres of music span from Pop, Rock, Country and Western, World music, Northern Soul and a bit of Jazz thrown into the recipe somewhere .
I have toured around the world many times, doing thousands of concerts and recorded in some of the best and worst recording studios available. All have made for great learning experiences.

For the past 15 years I have not only been teaching drums but also seriously studying drums and percussion to grow and improve my knowledge. This has not only made me a better musician but has enabled me be able to teach to the best of my abilities and pass that knowledge on with passion, enthusiasm and fun.

What I teach includes:

– Lessons for beginners
– Learning to sight read
– Learning “The Rudiments”
– Learning to listen
– Help with buying equipment
– Tuning drums

An overview of different genres and styles of music
My teaching style has been described as……..
Patient , relaxed, stretching, challenging, motivational, good humoured, fun, inspiring and honest.
It would be my pleasure if you would join me on this journey.

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