The Growing Club CIC

Bridging the gap in business education for women

The Growing Club CIC is a not for profit organisation providing  an alternative model business growth club for women sole traders, female owners of micro-business and female founders of not-for-profit organisations.

And it works!

We meet monthly for a year as a group of 10 women running their own business. This group  becomes your team, your cheer leaders and your accountability partners.

We run…

Pre-start up courses

Start up programmes

Business growth programmes

2 reviews

  1. The Growing Club

    I have found the Growing Club to be a great place for learning how to stand on my own two feet and run my young business. The training environment is very frieldly and highly informative. Most of all, is teaching me that business is about individuality and, for me, that translates into I have not need to stress about competition. A breath of fresh air

  2. To join was my best business decision ever.

    I was a member of the first cohort of woman who joined the Growing Club. Joining the group is probably the single best decision I have made for my business. The operational help we received was invualeble but what was amazing was the relationship between the woman. I know I have life long friends amongst this group and even now I could ask anyone of them for help and advice and know they will be there for me. The help and support is invaluable and anyone who is currently running or thinking of starting a new business, embrace this group with both hands, you will not look back.

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