Wallcoverings and Fabrics

AIRE was established in 2016 by artist and designer Claire Williams. Based in Lancashire, the historical presence of the textile and print industry has provided a natural path of design exploration.  The brand represents a passionate and creative approach to wall-coverings.

AIRE specialises in applying traditional drawing methods in a contemporary approach to create innovative print designs suitable for the residential and commercial wall-covering market.

A principle of AIRE is the focus on ‘luxury’​ as a transfer of the passion of craftsmanship into an experience and atmosphere, creating a product that allows an interior to do this.  Combining tradition and modernity with a resolutely forward design sensibility; always striving to innovate whilst creating modern classics that eschew short-lived trends.

The debut collection, ‘Papillon’​ embodies a romantic craft of combining traditional watercolour florals onto digitally printed substrates; namely pearlescent, metallic and foil papers; to result in abstract and statement pieces.  Inspiration is also drawn from the french translation of ‘butterfly’​, where key references such as transformation, growth and elegance have been drawn upon.

Specialist Sectors

  • Creative & Digital
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Interior Design

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