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Dark Insight Tarot
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I am a Tarot Reader, Photography student and an esoteric enthusiast.  As a photography student at Blackpool and Fylde College, I set about creating my own tarot deck which I called in my last project Dark Insight Tarot.  I did this as there are not a lot of tarot decks created from photography, and I wanted to not only put my two loves together which is Tarot and photography together but to have the photography be seen as art in their own right and lastly, to eventually make a living out of photography and tarot combined.

I have so far created the major arcana of the deck which could be a deck in its own right but it’s an ongoing process to create the rest of the deck.

To check out the progress of my deck please go to my Instagram @darkinsighttarot and or email me at with queries about the deck only.

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