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Costume Design
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When I started my degree, I came in with an interest in the process of making clothing, the technical aspect of costume design fascinated me. Through the three years I have focused on this area, especially in this last year. I pushed my use of process and the design cycle to create a final collection that explored technical pattern cutting, by creating multiple toiles until I got the perfect final outcomes. Although this took time it’s this use of process that allowed me to develop my skills further and learn from my mistakes.

This year I also started helping Angy by teaching a night course in garment construction. I was nervous at first when Angy asked me to take part as I was still unsure if I had the skills need to teach other people but once I started it really helped to reinforce the skills I already had. By the end I was more confident in my knowledge that I was able to lead the newest people to attend through the whole construction process on my own which also allowed me to create a technically advanced outcome.

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