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So who are Northern Heart Films you might ask? Well, the clue is in the name. We’re based in the heart of Lancashire and we produce original, honest, human-driven documentary films for TV, charities, brands and campaigns. With an overwhelming amount of films produced on a daily basis our stories are crafted to really stand out.

At Northern Heart Films we’re always encouraging ourselves to combine forces with other creatives or agencies on new and exciting projects so who knows what we can achieve together!

We’ve won a number of awards and believe our collaborative, friendly and honest way of working makes us unique. Combining our passion and creativity to craft real stories our films are emotionally charged that demand your attention and stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

We specialise in documentary film-making but that doesn’t mean we just make films about rapping granny’s or eccentric fashionistas. We’ve worked for a wide range of organisations, from local councils to nationwide charities, even some of the country’s biggest newspapers!

Our aim is to provide a voice for those people and communities within our society who cannot be heard. Stories of strength and unity, people breaking through barriers and challenging perceptions. We care deeply about the people we place in front of our cameras, their story becomes our story and together we can inspire positive change.

Specialist Sectors

  • Broadcast & Media
  • Business & Professional
  • Creative & Digital
  • Charities, Brands, Creative Agencies, Campaigns

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