SinisterSoft Limited

Software and Video Game Creation
Company 2-5 people
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Business software and Video Game design. Most of the people at SinisterSoft are originally from the Arcade and Video game industry. Game companies involved include CAPCOM, RARE, ZIPPO GAMES, US GOLD, TIERTEX, MB GAMES, PSYGNOSIS among others…

Launched ReportAssist 2014, 2015 and 2016 (for Windows/Apple Mac), a live school reports system for teachers.

Games for iOS (iPhone,iPad), Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, etc

Specialties: 6502, z80, Pic, AVR, ARM, 68K/ColdFire, MIPS/PIC32 and all varieties of x86 assembler. C/C++, Lua, Java, Ruby and PureBasic (good for dipping into x86) high level languages.  HTML, MySql, Rails and AJAX (websites).  Disk protection systems, smartcard encryption systems.

Specialist Sectors

  • Education
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Services (professional and business)
  • Video games

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