Kierra Ceanne Gray

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I am photographer who primarily focuses of fine art self-portraiture and fashion.

My personal work depicts the inner thoughts and ideas of a young woman after growing up in a patriarchal society. The work explores themes of feminism in a contemporary manner using self-portraiture and character development. It reflects the realities that women face, mentally and physically. Taking inspiration from social media, stereotypes, conversations and observations, the ideas consist of beauty standards, mental wellbeing and domestic expectations. Such ideas are the entire reason this project exists, and why it needs to exist. For the women who feel silenced by a patriarchal society and the future generations who I hope to grow up to be who they want to be and not who society made them to be.

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  1. Stunning

    The best photography and editing I’ve seen for a very long time. Maybe it’s just the model. I don’t know exactly

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