Stringer Things

Illustrator, Visual Artist, Animator and Graphic Designer

Stringer Things, also known as H G Stringer Does Arty Things

Hello. I’m Hannah and I’m a freelance artist, passionate about helping you realise your creative projects.

I have a diverse background, and can provide a range of high quality artistic sevices:

  • Illustration
  • Painting (both digital and traditional)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Animation
  • Marketing
  • Socially Engaged Art

I have also written, graphically designed, illustrated and edited books.

I’m versatile, dedicated to your vision and great at problem-solving.  So, whether you want your children’s book illustrating; your company’s logo & brand making; need a beautiful and concise company timeline producing; a wall mural; want a portrait to commemorate a loved one; need to promote an event; want to encourage social cohesion in your local community in a unique way, I’m happy to help.

Specialist Sectors

  • Creative & Cultural
  • Creative & Digital
  • art & illustration
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