Alistair Hobson Music and Sound

Compelling sound design and music for distinctive visual project
Freelance / Sole Trader 1 Person

With 15 years of my ears absorbing and analyzing my surroundings, I’ve found my corner of this industry by creating audio solutions that are able to subtly convey relevant emotion from the content to the audience – finding the way to do this in each unique project is why I do this work!

Most of my time operating has been from Hanoi, Vietnam, but am now living back in North West Lancashire, where I’m from. In this time I’ve worked on the creative side of animations, short films, commercials, games, electronic music production and art installations. Here are a list of key skills and achievements related to these fields, displaying adaptability, technical ability, artistic awareness and creative innovation:

– rapid audio editing skills in Logic Pro, for foley and music production
– deep understanding of how to combine audio for immersive sound design
– advanced technical understanding of Ableton Live for sound design for film, music production, and innovative live projects and installations.
– cross disciplined creative ability, using Adobe suite in addition to DAWs
– thoughtful and analytically minded in order convey relevant emotion in music and match it with what’s on screen

…and despite anything I’ve accomplished on my own, I’ve learnt that I always accomplish my best work when working closely with other people – this is possibly the most important aspect for me. As such, communication, people skills and humility are equally vital!

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