Leanna Drewitt

Fashion, Art & Design
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I initially wanted to go down a fashion pathway. However, after learning different processes I dont want to limit myself. Therefore, I have evidence of a range of outcomes. I’ve been praised for my creative practice and how it has helped support, and inform my outcomes. I begin with organising my project and giving myself personal targets. My experimental and development phases include trying many different outcomes to try and test ideas. Then I focus on developing ideas from previous outcomes and research. My FMP outcome has received positive feedback. My outcome was based of a novel called ‘The Twisted Tree’ by Rachal Burge. It includes a character which has supernatural empathic abilities which she uses for to discover family secrets. I tried to paint a scene inspired by the book from my imagination. I was very happy to create the imagery from my subconscious.

Specialist Sectors

  • Painting, fashion and design.