James L. Velli

L'arte di cinema

Born in Blackpool, Lancashire, I, James L. Velli, boast a love for all Artistic practises; many of which are apparent with my latest short film “Medusa”. Tying into my previous short, “noSIGNAL”, this latest installment pushes my experimentation with production to a new level.

Having artistic roots within drawing, painting, story writing, musical instruments and photography; I attribute most of my creative motivation to emotional experiences and channel my appreciation for all arts into my projects.

With a keen interest in tension building using lighting, score and ambiguity; my projects are the result of my own abilities alone, with the exception of my chosen talent.

Following graduation, I intend to dive into more areas of artistic practise to further develope my skills as a filmmaker and creative.

Specialist Sectors

  • Broadcast & Media
  • Creative & Digital
Weekdays: 9:00-20:00 Weekends: 10:00-18:00