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Feona Hadcroft b. Burnley 1969 –

2020 was for Feona and many many others, an anomoly, Feona returned to study during this ‘stint on the naughty step’ and instead of taking time out, used the time to develop herself as an artist once more and Graduated in 2021 with a Merit – Master – of Fine Art

Feona began her art career in 2011 when she Graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree – Fine Art – this has led to many great adventures and over the years, Feona has established a reputation as painter, sculptor and poet.

Hadcroft’s artwork often depicts true emotion felt by both the sitter and herself, “for these emotions”, Hadcroft believes, “are windows into the mind”.

​Layering and sculpting with her chosen media, until she dare not make another mark or add another word.

We love and learn everyday!

Feona is a qualified therapist in both Nutrition and holistic therapies – besides holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Education…EVERY DAY IS A SCHOOL DAY


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